Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve, Part 2

Noah woke up today

and was sitting up in bed,

his mother Kate related to us today via FB.

Thanking God for this mercy.

It is still a very hard situation...

I called my MI Aunt,

my Mom's oldest sister,

since I had missed calling her for her birthday

and today is/would of been/was my Oma's

103 birthday.

So we are all thinking of my Oma a lot.

My first Christmas (n.c.)

without family.

I am physically exhausted from my cold but

am really hoping to make it to part of vigil

as there are special icons there of the

Mother of God.

I also hope to make it to o.c. liturgy at my church

tomorrow and dinner with my close

friends later that day.


The goodness is that Christ came on Christmas to be with us

no matter the pain, joy or sorrow we find ourselves in.

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