Tuesday, November 03, 2009

God's mercy and the glory of His Creation

Now the "green light" of having a new apartment is here.

I am relieved and feel very good about this apartment.

It has a kitchen,

a living room that I am going to use as a dining room,

and a good sized bedroom that I am going to partition

off as a bedroom / sitting room / prayer room.

I am allowed to paint it.

Green and blue walls will be continued,

with the help of friends

(who I have yet to ask... :) ).

We have been blessed with some unexpected

glorious sunshine.

Now I will have to figure out what kind of part time job to apply for.

French is going to take a lot of time and energy,

so I need a non-taxing very part time job.

With God as my helper,
I will seek to continue.
Meanwhile, I am praying for a good friend's Mother
who is having serious surgery this evening.
Please pray for my friend's Mother.


E Helena E said...

I will remember her as I pray for the sick tonight.

elizabeth said...

Thank you. She is still gravely ill.