Friday, November 13, 2009

On the radar

The lease is not signed.

I have given it to God and will deal with it again on Sunday.

Have asked the prayers of Archangel Michael.

I am schedule to get packing boxes,

including wardrobe boxes and a barrel for my fine china

and packing paper -

from someone I met on the street near where I live,

when I was getting boxes left for recycling.

I am working on a security clearance
form for a job agency.
This does not mean a job in hand
but perhaps in a far off bush.
Tomorrow I am going to a friend's wedding.
My living / dining room and kitchen have turned into a disaster zone.
I am looking to God for my salvation.


DebD said...

prayers and cyber hugs for you.

RW said...

I have faith it will all come together in God's time.

Moo! said...

I'd rather eat bugs than pack and move. May it all be blessed and fall in place neatly.

E Helena E said...

May you continue to know God's peace in the midst of continuous unknowing. Hugs to you.