Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I am tired.
No surprise there.
And my Cat decided to wake me at 4 AM.
Thank you Cleo...
I saw a place today.
See two more tomorrow.
Feel a tad discouraged and overwhelmed.
However, it could be worse.
I am seeking to be thankful
and peaceful
in the middle of all this.
It is difficult.
We must all continue to trust in God's mercy.


Janelle thegeekywife said...


a smiley face to cheer you up.

E Helena E said...

May you have a restful evening, in spite of everything.

Donna Farley said...

praying for you to find 'the' place...:-)

Victoria said...

hold on! praying for you hard!!

margaret said...

I guess Cleo feels the stress and wants the comfort of having you awake. She doesn't realise you can't curl up in a patch of sunlight on the window sill at 11am and catch up. Miss Darcy and Miss Tilney send you purrs and fervent furry hopes.

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone very much!