Thursday, November 19, 2009

déjà vu

The place I almost took before and liked

but that was not downtown

was relisted.

I have emailed to inquire, after

talking with the rental agent and realizing it was

not being done through them.

Tonight I look at the place I wanted but

that was taken before I even saw it

last time.

So I am looking at the two places
that I wanted again,
if I hear from the subletting place.
That apartment I liked better than the other one in the same
I am back at the same thing again but with less time.
I wonder however why the place was let go,
I think it is the exact apartment I almost took
and now it is up for sublet a month later.
May the Lord protect and guide me in all things.
Please keep praying for my friend's friend,
who is Resa, as Margaret pointed out
(since I do not know her personally
I did not blog her name,
but at least two others have;
the Orthodox blog world cares for each other...)
I do not have any further news yet.


mamajuliana said...

You are going to have to take a good long breath after all this is over. I am inspired by how patient and content you seem to be during all of this!

Your faith and trust in God is truly and inspiration to me!!!!

Still praying for you here. I wish I was closer so I could help...somehow!

Tell Cleo hello!

elizabeth said...

Dear Mammajuliana, Your so sweet and encouraging! Thanks. I must say I have had to work through a lot of panic and anxiety but pray that God will really teach me how to be patient, content and peaceful!

I do hope for a bit of a breather, but most I have to hope for God's mercy.

I have said hello to Cleo from you. She is purring in reply!