Sunday, November 22, 2009

Many miles to go before I sleep

Cleo is currently hanging out in her cat carrier.
I think she feels the need to hide
from the chaos of the living room.
I don't blame her.
The above is a picture of her
hanging out in an empty bookshelf,
behind the said cat carrier.
As I signed my lease Friday afternoon,
and the rental office of my building closes on noon
on Friday,
and there various moves happening in and out of my building
this weekend,
I was not able to find out what times are available for me to use the elevator.
I admit to feeling stressed about this,
even though God so miraculously provided my apartment for me.
Not being able to tell my friends who are helping me move
when I am moving,
is wearying.
Oh well.
I hope to get this straitened out by tomorrow.
My nerves are on edge from everything
going wrong
for a few weeks...
I move sometime this week;
I have yet to know who will drive the U-Haul truck
that I have yet to reserve.
May the Lord calm and comfort us.


E Helena E said...

With continued prayer that all the pieces will fall into place this week. I am sure that Cleo doesn't like to see her world being dismantled. Love to you both.

elizabeth said...

Thanks!!! Yeah, I don't think she likes it anymore than I do, poor thing! and she is small and at least I get to see above the boxes!

margaret said...

I wish Miss Tilney would hide out in a cat carrier. The one time I picked her up she belted me in the mouth with her back foot and I've never tried again. I will have to "corner" her in the kitchen where there is nowhere to run to get her into the cat carrier and I am dreading it with every fibre. But Cleo sure looks cute in that cabinet :)

elizabeth said...

Yeah, I often have to corner Cleo too, but leaving the carrier out (it's been there for months) she does go in it of her own volition at times... so I am hoping it will be better this time around!