Friday, November 20, 2009

Application Approved

I went to the office of the rental agent
to apply for the apartment I saw last night.
I brought all the paper work needed,
including a reference letter from my landlord.
Because of God's mercy
and the paperwork all being brought with me,
the rental office called me this afternoon
to say I have been approved.
They have my deposit
and I sign the lease next week Monday
late morning.
As I had friends who rented through this company,
it should not turn out poorly.
Once the lease is signed and the keys exchanged,
I will be really happy.
But for now I no reason not to think that I have
been given the apartment that I wanted all along.
When it came up on craigslist, I wanted it
right away.
It is smaller but should still fit my living / dining room furniture,
is downtown,
has wood floors, elevators, laundry
and a superintendent on sight.
I am happy and am now waiting only for what should happen
on Monday when the lease is signed.
Thank God for His mercy.


margaret said...

*Does the happy dance* really, I got out of my chair and had a wee jump up and down. I am so glad.

Michael Hermann said...

That is wonderful news Elizabeth.
I am glad you have a place to call home and it sounds great.

margaret said...

I just went to turn my electric blanket on and I said to Miss Tilney, who was already on the bed, "Cleo got new digs", and she said, "PrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" right away, as if she understood. How I wish I could have recorded it for you!