Tuesday, January 21, 2020

when your own words startle you

I was talking to a friend today about
how God loves us, is with us, how
He is capable of saving us, wants to save us, 
wants more than anything to save us, and
said to her that
people can spit in His face and God still loves them
and wants to save them
and later I realized I was quite startled by this,
how could someone spit in God's face and He want to forgive them?
But truly, this is what the Son of God has done.
Christ saves the thief on the Cross.
He asks God the Father to forgive those who are mocking Him,
as He, Christ, is dying one the Cross, 
to save them, to save us.
I often find God's love mystifying and today I can say
Christ's love is so beyond my imagination that even when I was speaking of it,
I was startled.
May Christ save us, above all else!

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Granny Marigold said...

God's love is truly so amazing that it should startle us every day of our lives.