Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Tuesday with lots of book reading and loving

I loved Village Centenary by Miss Read so much!
Just delightful! 

 I had one of my Mom's chocolate revel bars, YUM! 

Bloodstains with Bronte by Katherine Bolger Hyde
was such an enjoyable read!
I really liked her Arsenic with Austen,
I wanted to know what happened next to her main characters and was
really excited to read this one!
I felt that it was very well written, with enjoyable well penned sentences,
I loved the beginning and how you could love each word she chose
and get pulled in to the next adventure and mystery.
There were some real unexpected twists and I felt that this book
was even better than the first one; it just flowed from beginning to end
with so much enjoyment... 
I admit I paid full price for the next one, 
and it comes Thursday! 
(It's just out on amazon!)
It's my pre-lent treat...for Butterweek! 
It's called Cyanide with Christie...
So that's fun! 

I started another read, so interesting,
about a Rabbi's family in the 1920s in Poland,
9 children and such a good depiction of the time, culture,
customs and of the children and what it was like to be 
growing up Jewish in Poland in 1920s...
I am really enjoying it!
I learned of it because Mat Emily read it and I was looking for
something new to read and found it on thrift books... 
Tonight I went to class at church and 
and that was fun... I enjoyed it... 
I pray you are all well and whatever challenges
you are facing, that you know God is here
no matter how hard...
Lord have mercy on us!


Becki said...

These pictures of your home from angles I've not seen before, along with the pictures of yummy things to eat and drink alongside favorite books, put me in the mind of a cozy tea shop or even a bookstore. The last book looks especially interesting to me, and I just found (and downloaded) it on Hoopla. I will listen as I crochet!

Lisa Richards said...

All of these books look really interesting! I'm adding them to my Amazon wishlist just to remind myself. I think I can also get them through the library. With family coming to stay with me I probably won't have a lot of reading time, but I love having a list for later! :)

elizabeth said...

Becki, I think my house is a combination of books, tea, icons, flowers, pictures, plates on the wall and the like... I took the pictures of my home from the angles you speak of from sitting on the couch, which is on the same wall as I was taking pictures of. :) That last book is SUCH a lovely book, I think you will love it!

Lisa, good plan and libraries are wonderful!!! God bless you in the changes of family coming!

Granny Marigold said...

I have the book Village Centenary but mine has a different cover picture. As I wrote in my post today I received the Last Chronicles of Fairacre last week and finished it today. I must admit my housework suffered a wee bit as I tried to read as much as I could.
I watched that first of the videos by Fr David and enjoyed it. Tomorrow I'll watch the second one. Thanks for mentioning them.

Cathy said...

Hello Elizabeth,
So thankful you left a comment on my blog, and that we share the delight of reading Gladsome Lights. I am enjoying reading your blog posts, and right now I am writing down your book recommendations! The Katherine Bolger Hyde mystery, Arsenic with Austen, is on my to read list (Goodreads) and I will be looking for the book, The House With Two Front Doors. Village Centenary is as good as all the other Miss Read books...does she have one I have not liked???

Have a blessed Lent Season. This season of Passover and Resurrection, including Lent, is a special time indeed. I am a born again Christian who loves to see Jesus through the entire Word of God.

elizabeth said...

Granny M - I love Miss read so much! I am glad you enjoyed the video of Fr David!

Cathy, thanks for your comment! I hope you like the K B H mystery! The House with 2 doors was so well written! a real delight! I love Miss Read so much! thank you so much for your words of blessing! We are so blessed to have the Lord and His testament of His love for us in His Word!