Thursday, May 19, 2016

Purl SoHo and going back home

My visit with Heather to Purl Soho was nice!
I have been there I think 3 or 4 times now.
I feel like it is a lovely store I visit, no longer a novelty.
I bought some red duck fabric while I was there,
my quilting friend, who also sews - and has an etsy store!- is
making me a messenger bag! More on that later...
Purl SoHo packs a lot in what is really small space.
They begin with yarn, midway is notions and thread and in the back are
many lovely fabrics, fat quarters and the like.  The middle space has lots of 
examples of things made, in both yarn and fabric. 
The tend towards the simple, light, airy, with few colours in one made object,
very much the current styles, from what I gather.
I don't really go by what is current in what I make...
They had redone their front window... to be honest my pictures of it above 
disappoint me - I feel like there is not enough colour or contrast, esp.
with the wall that has towels and bags.... but I am not into what is 
new, hip or 'cool' so I am a bit biased.  :)  Just too much white on white for me.
Anyway, things change.  It's a fun place.
They have fun books and such things - a place you would find
magazines like Kinfolk.
I have gotten fabric from there for quilting and now for a fun bag.
Here's other times I have gone, here, here (the first 2 are from the same trip) and here.
You see more fun (I think she got better pictures than myself, partly because
I was not taking tons of pictures, having been before) on Heather's blog of 
I think the thing I love the most about it is the cutting counter,
where I can get just the amount of fabric I want,
makes me feel like I am connected to the days past, when a more
General Store would get you just the amount you wanted.
I like that.
I find that there seem to be two types of yarn people:
those who go for the more expensive yarns and those who, well, do not!
I am in the latter category. I just don't see anything I make, esp. since I am more
into simple creative blankets for kids, do tons of wash cloth knitting, 
and am not into patterns much, needing expensive yarn.
Add that to the fact, that I discovered after I began to knit, that a lot of
the yarns that are animal fiber make my hands itch on contact.  Once I bought
an on-sale brown wool that is tweedy like but really rough, and I could not even
knit it when wearing cloth gloves.
Anyway, all that to say, I don't go to Purl SoHo for their yarn. 
It's really nice if you make garments or fancy things.
They have a wonderful amount of yarn colours, very pretty.
But it's just not me and not what I want to spend money on.
Besides that, I have a yarn stash that is enough for the little 
I am doing with it right now.... 
I am having a hard time finding time to do a lot of crafting,
and I just have to be patient.
I miss it, but life just has a lot of other things I must do right now...
But I will go again, to Purl Soho, hopefully soon, with another friend who 
wants to go.... I will be happy to visit!
One the way home from Purl Soho and Heather and I's wonderful tea,
I got a nice dinner and iced mint tea at a local restaurant near
to Trader Joe's... an organic chicken with vegetables.

Then I went to do a small Trader Joe's run,
got another pineapple!
And met up with Mr. Husband and we went home...

We took a train the neighbouring town
as it was a much better commute on the PATH train,
with places to sit.
A lovely sunny day, I was so happy from having such a great day!
I am glad for NYC, for beautiful old buildings in SoHo and for
Purl SoHo, even though they don't open till noon and one has to remember that
when planning a trip in!


Heather LeFebvre said...

lovely photos and enjoyed your descriptions. Beautiful photo of NYC on your way home!!!

Tracy said...

Purl Soho... *swoon*... I've not been, and have always wanted too--hopefully one day! So this was terrific fun to, and hear about your experience. :) Look forward to seeing/hearing about this messenger bag that will be in the making for you. I love fiber--fabric, yarn, thread... I'd say I'm somewhere in between with yarn and fabric. For a fine project that I want it last or give away, I will splurge on some "better" yarn. But I do also use lesser expensive yarns too, and have had things turn out really well with them. I let the project tell me what it wants, and if I have the budget. ;) It's been sooo long since I went to NYC, so it was wonderful to see your photos. Glad you are doing better, getting around more and that life feels like it's taking a new, rejuvenated shape for you. God Bless you!((HUGS))

karen said...

I'm glad that I finally set foot in that store earlier in March. I liked the yarns but it's difficult to navigate in there if they are full of people :) I wish I was a sewing gal because those fabrics were beautiful!!

Rosemary said...

I always love to see your photos from Purl Soho! :)

Rosemary said...

Also, while I do find those towels lovely ... when I actually buy things I find myself purchasing things with much more color, and often vibrant or intricate designs. It can get to be a bit much for me sometimes, though, I think I may have very particular tastes!