Monday, May 16, 2016

A Glorious Sunny Day in NYC ~ with a newly met but dear friend!

After emailing about meeting for Tea and visiting Purl Soho, 
the day finally arrived, last Thursday!
As we were getting ready to meet and texting,
I realized that Purl Soho did not open at 11 AM but at 12 PM!
We did an impromptu tea before our actual tea-lunch
in the meantime! It was fun to discuss teas! 
Afterwards we walked a little way to the hotel restaurant where
Heather and I had a lovely GF high tea!
Discussing it later, we agreed that it was a
perfectly balanced tea...
some high teas, being based on tea sandwiches, are very
'carb heavy' and with many sugar-laden treats.
I had one tea once which was only sugar-things, was a disaster to 
my system! I knew I would NEVER again want such a thing,
and actually had not wanted it in the first place,
as I always think of a high tea having more balance to it.
It was such a joy to talk to a fellow
sister-in-Christ about life, books (we both love much the same,
CS Lewis, Elizabeth Goudge), yarn and fabric crafts... and it is wonderfully uplifting 
to share with such a friend! 
I had known about flowering teas, and had my first one there,
a white tipped marigold tea.  
It went perfectly with the food that was served.
Heather and I both agree that the chicken curry with salty rice wrap
was the high light.  The quinoa bread with tart white dip was also 
really good.  The sweets were not too sweet and it was 
a real culinary delight, along with a good time to talk about
so many things. 
I find such encouragement from teas like this and am so thankful!


Jennifer Hays said...

It sounds like a wonderful day together. I would LOVE to visit Purl Soho someday! I hope you're going to share your visit there. :)

elizabeth said...

Hi Jennifer, it was really a lovely time! I will try to blog this sometime; google roosje blog purl soho for other visits meanwhile! :)

Nancy said...

That looks AMAZING!!! I'm soooo jealous (and hungry and thirsty) *runs to kitchen for snack*

Pom Pom said...

I had fun knowing that you were meeting up and having a wonderful time!

Paula said...

How fun! Wish there were things like that around here.

October Rose said...

What a wonderful day!! Thank you for sharing it through pictures. :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What a lovely place to have tea!

Tracy said...

Such BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS food! Love those flowering teas! So glad you had a real treat of a day out meeting your friend--precious moments. Nothing so lovelu as sharing a high tea with a friend or loved on--time seems tomstand still then. :) And yes, do please share your trip to Purl Soho... *swoon*...

Becki said...

I was in here earlier in the week and I thought I had commented, Elizabeth. This outing sounds so wonderful. And if I read your friend's blog right, she's from my neck of the woods. How wonderful that you could meet up in NYC! What fun. And how uplifting that must have been.

GretchenJoanna said...

So glad you could meet in person, and you planned your get-together so well, including all the best elements :-)

karen said...

how exciting that you met up with a blog friend!! I love how this big big world is small kind and gentle. Lovely restaurant!!