Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Feast Day with unexpected temptation

I went to liturgy today for the 
Feast of Mid-Pentecost.
It was so beautiful. 
I had lovely pictures of it, so nice.
Then I went out for lunch with everyone from church 
and I went to call Mr. Husband and all went down, 
fast, with my phone... 
I was super distracted while I was trying to 
do the 'swipe unlock' for my phone, a pattern 
that only I (ok and Mr Husband) know to unlock my phone.
So I accidentally locked myself out, trying too many times
and getting it wrong..... 
And I had forgotten my backup pin, no idea what is or where it is written.
I have 2 factor ID on my google account, which includes the
Android Device Manager, which texts a code to my phone.
Yeah, the phone that is locked and I can't open it to get the code from 
the text... So I could not use the device manager to unlock it.
A security black hole.
Samsung could not help as I had never set up an account with them,
not realizing that they could of unlocked my phone if I had.
Verizon could not help and the cloud storage would not work
as it was set to wifi only and my wifi was turned OFF
on my locked phone, no way to fix it.
And cloud storage was full for months and months so no new backups...
So I lost everything, guessed the PIN # wrong 10 times and 
it factory reset. 
I lost pretty much all afternoon and early evening.
Thank God, at least, that I only lost 1 week of pictures,
as I had downloaded them all last week from my phone to my 
external hard drive.
Now I just have to download them somewhere else, so they are 
saved in two places.
And that was today....
with a good dinner and lunch thrown in
and a beautiful liturgy this morning...


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am so sorry about your phone woes....I do need to back my own photos up, so I will do that today.

Pom Pom said...

How frustrating! I'm glad you went to liturgy. That's happy.

Paula said...

Technology is great when it works :) Glad you didn't lose too many pictures. I've got too many that need printed. But at least they are on the computer and the camera.

GretchenJoanna said...

That is a nightmare of a story -- except for the Divine Liturgy :-) I do begrudge the time it takes to keep all these devices working right, and the time to fix them.

karen said...

ugh! I hate when that happens with phones!!

I just spent the better part of yesterday morning writing out all the user names and passwords for everything (there are so many!! and each different!!) for my husband. I can remember the ones I use frequently but then there are the stragglers that I rarely use....