Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Sunday Evening of Pascha ~ Festive Dinner

It was so delightful to be back home on Sunday evening!
We were in a hotel from Holy Wed-Pascha/Easter Sunday.
The table cloth is from Mr. Husband's family,
the roses he got me for Pascha 
(I picked them out...), we were given lots of wonderful
festive Easter / Pascha breads! Russian and Greek (the big round one with the red egg).
We enjoyed the breads, cheese Paska, cheese and crackers and tea.
Every family has their own Bright Week traditions and ours seems to be
that we eat what is in our Pascha basket. 
It's simple and lovely to eat our blessed Pascha basket food.
The icon on the table is one I made while living in Ottawa for 
very little money (printed at local grocery store with Kodak machine,
frame from dollar store across the street) and it was blessed on Pascha.
The red egg by the Pascha Resurrection Icon is wood, made in Romania,
that my sister gave me a few years ago.
The candle stand is from a dear friend, I have had it for years now.
The dishes were my Grandma's, the tea pot my Grandma and I found together.
Our big Pascha basket I got in Ottawa years ago,
I remember carrying red roses in it to church,
for Christ's shroud.
The rushnyk is from my Ottawa-Mom for our Pascha basket,
was one of our gifts for our wedding.
As Mr. Husband and I were sitting at our beautiful Paschal table,
we could not help but think how glad we are to be Orthodox Christians and
how so many are missing the deep beauty and festivity of this holiest of times.
We thank God for what we have been given!
Christ is Risen! 
Indeed He is Risen!


Paula said...

Looks like you've had a lovely Easter!

karen said...

lovely!! you always set a beautiful table and have meaningful items surrounding you. I loved reading about your table cloth (which is beautiful). Glad you are home once more!

T.J. said...

The beauty and MEANING behind your table is beyond lovely! So glad to hear you are all home, feeling healthier, and celebrating glorious Pascha :)