Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Planning ~ all the things

{Pictures and writing below are from this past Friday:}
I am thinking very much of the summer that is nearly upon us.
So brief but so needed before the Autumn days that everyone on FB praises.
I am in the process of trying to figure out what my big things are this summer,
the 'stones' that the jar of everything that I hope to do, will be.
I am aware, at least dimly, that I am feeling better these days.
Still coughing a bit, but not often.
I am trying to take times to rest between things.
I am relishing the year 1916 in CS Lewis's letters to Arthur Greeves.
I just love reading his letters.  
Very restful, at least this part of his life, young, studying,
reading and thinking about books and music.
Cleo gets her blood checked tomorrow.
And I have a grocery delivery coming.
Today I have, it's almost 3 pm EST as I write this, done more 
in terms of keeping house.
2 Loads of laundry, changing to summer bed sheets,
I fried up onions with mushrooms and onions with potatoes.
Mr. Husband loves this meal and finds it a real treat.
I do too, but I love it esp. with a fried egg with a runny yoke, 
which Mr. Husband does not care for.
I have a lot of summer goals:
~possible family visits
~quilts (when will I get to sew again?!)
~Christmas baking (I have wanted to do it in the summer a bit at a time and
carefully freeze it - I know it can work!)
~monastery trip
~Sunday School planning for year 2016-2017
~house projects
~summer baking (tortes, pies!)
~dinner parties
~writing project 
~NYC trips 
~swimming and taking more walks, gaining strength
~farmers market 
Well, today's last big goal is to bake for the Munchkin's birthday party,
which will be this Sunday after church, DV.
I am thinking a layered cake and cupcakes at the moment. 
I am hoping to make the first strawberry cream pie next week...
I am thinking also of the times that are most stressful in our year and trying to figure out
how to make them better.  
Joy had a great post on how to sustain oneself in life that gave me a lot to think about. 
Well, back to the things that need doing today!...will finish this post later! 
Oh, you need to read this poem by +Fr. Matthew Baker, 
it's one of the best things you could read all week!
I managed to make the vanilla cake + cupcakes.
Had quite the time, as I accidentally put water in my cake flour!
It all worked out in the end.
I hope the cake tastes good, I am not an expert on vanilla cakes!

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Paula said...

Have you ever thought of freezing just the dough? I'm not sure baked cookies would keep that long. Some years I make the dough ahead of time so that it's just roll and decorate on the days we want them.

Have fun on Sunday with the Munchkin!