Friday, May 20, 2016

A quiet but busy Friday

I made a strawberry rhubarb pie.
I wrote our Sunday School lesson.
We got a box of books we had ordered, the four in the picture above
are the ones I chose, to go with the research I am thinking of doing
(the books were 3.00 each, plus shipping!).
I sewed on buttons for Mr Husband's white cassock that I got him
for our first Pascha, which we had together in Ottawa.
I made lunch, dinner.  Enjoyed both.
I had a good long talk with my sister, after a long while of not being able to 
coordinate schedules to talk.
We talked to our vet about Cleo, he was happy to hear of her weight gain
and we will DV have Cleo checked out via more blood work in a week's time.
And I am dealing with some sadness, not too bad, but there, 
in the background, nothing I can blog about, nothing that is going to 
change my life as it is now, but still, it's there. I can sense it, it's a familiar thing, 
as it is for all of us in our own way.
I am also feeling, and I think Mr Husband too, the wish to get so many
more things done.
As if this lovely day, 
having meals with my best friend, 
enjoying some of the best strawberries I have had in years, 
was not enough, all by itself.
As well as the icons with lampadas lit, and candles, and God's mercy in this day.
It's constant work, isn't it?
The work of thankfulness, contentment. 
I feel like I want to do so much more, get long term quilt and knitting blanket projects 
done, do more research, actually write that essay I have dreamed of writing
for so long. and more... 
But I also want to bake, I think teaching Sunday School is super important,
it's just the constant having to triage, make decisions... 
what to do for Sunday School next year, how to balance everything....
Lord have mercy on us, we desire so many things,
yet can forget the one thing we need, the one thing needful....

Lord have mercy on us and help us....


Mary said...

I clicked over to your sweet spot from Ginny's. Your photos are so beautiful and your writing is so peaceful I am sorry to hear that you are feeling sad.

Could you please tell me where you found your beautiful tea cozy? I think that it is very beautiful!


elizabeth said...

Mary, hi, welcome here! thanks! Everyone has sadness sometimes. It's ok and will pass.

The tea cozy was a gift from my friend Heather who I saw for tea recently in NYC! She makes them! They are beautiful, aren't they! She has an etsy shop, here: and makes and sells a lot of neat things! :)