Thursday, May 19, 2016

About today, a sunny Thursday

I am missing the daily writing I did here during Lent.
Just a few notes about today.
It was really busy.
I drove to a nearby town to get a car wash and grocery run.
It's the first time I have driven in NJ in, well, other than going to the mechanic yesterday,
a 2 mile away drive (all's well, just checking up on things), in months...
It went well.  I only did two small 'OOPs' in driving that involved accidentally 
cutting people off, twice.  I'll get better. I hope. :) 
So that was a big deal....
....later I realized I left my brown-organic-cage-free eggs in the hot car for 5 hours.
Sigh. Was bummed about that one. They don't smell, are in the fridge, I am meaning to 
look into that more tomorrow.  I am hoping they are still OK...funny, there is a lot of 
google searches of people doing the same mistake! 
I am seeing that for various reasons, I am just, I hope, 
recovering from things that had me rebuilding life again and again,
trying to get a new life, including friends and getting out, many times over.
First the move from Ottawa to get married (that's actually 2 changes),
then I got mono and had to rebuild after that.
Then a year later we moved to our own home (condo that is) 2 years ago last May,
and last year Mr Husband's adult godson died and we all had to start from 
a new and unexpected place, 
and there were other things, smaller, but cumulative in building 
and I realized that I was dealing with burnout on various levels.
The flu + Strep Throat within 40 days not that long ago also set me back.
It's funny. While I don't have a professional job that I need to 
go 'out there' for, and I don't have kids, I often have thought that
this would mean I would not be super-busy or have burnout.
Actually, it's our wonderful over-80-years-old Candle Desk Man at our 
near-to-us church that keeps me seeing things right,
he's always saying how busy I am.
Anyway, later in the day I have a phone meeting and then later than that,
cabbed to farmers market (I don't really know how to parellel park in tight city places
and there is no parking really there to speak of), had an ice cream cone (!! first of season!),
had fun at the farmer's market and met Mr. Husband there.
Tomorrow is going to be the first day that I either did not have someone over
to my house this week or went out to see someone or do something.
And I am still coughing when I talk a lot.
Believe it or not, I am trying to rest in all this.
I know that I need more rest, but I also feel a great need
to continue to try to build a life here.
To build friendships.  
Anyway, thankful for my online community here!
Blessed night to you all. 


Amy said...

I hope your cough goes away soon! The farmers market and ice cream sound lovely:)

Amy said...

I hope your cough goes away soon! The farmers market and ice cream sound lovely:)

karen said...

go you with your driving adventures!! I get anxious driving and feel so happy when I conquer my fear. moving and making a new life is hard. I hope that your busyness slows down so you can catch your breath and resurface ready to face the world!!

Paula said...

Most days you sound busy enough to me :) Get some rest.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

You are most definitely busy! Try and rest as well, though.

October Rose said...

You sound quite busy to me!! And it takes a lot of energy, mental and emotional and physical, to build a life and find one's community. I dread the thought of ever moving because I sometimes feel it takes enough energy to *maintain* connections, let alone build new ones.

Pom Pom said...

Life gets so busy and there is a lot of pressure to keep being productive when I honestly wonder if we even know what God thinks of "productive". I think He would have us rest because He did say, "Be still and know that I am God." So, feel free to relax and get over that cough. Your husband is your first earthly companion and husbands like lots of attention, right?