Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday, quiet and busy

I lit lampadas for my friend P. who was scheduled for heart surgery today in Ottawa.
He gave me the icon of St. George in poster form (later matted) years ago.

I received this book yesterday, in the midst of the phone saga.
I began it last night and finished it before I went to bed, around 11 PM.
It is a small and very readable book, one that is beautiful and speaks
of a Saintly man who touched so many lives.  
I find myself thinking many times how to rebuild my life also in terms of 
having a consistent spiritual life. 
I admit to struggling with this.  I have felt like my sense of rhythm and routine in this
regard was so shattered by moving and marrying, that to remake it takes a lot of 
time, patience and trying again and again.
We do prayers together in the evening; one of our family mottoes that we don't even 
think about but try to live instead is 
a family that prayers together stays together.
I am managing some spiritual reading before bed, since I am a night person.
When I have breakfast alone, I try to read some more.
I have candles lit and try to do lampadas.
But I still don't feel anywhere near what I know that I want to be, but struggle to do. 
I am inspired to try to pray the Psalms more consistently after reading

 I read most of Lynnette's Hope over Holy Week,
when I was sick. 
It's wonderful. Much better than I had hoped or guessed it would be.
I hope to finish reading it soon, I am nearly done reading it. 

I finally got things clean again, laundry and kitchen.
And I wrote the lesson for Sunday School. 
I am so thankful that I have a great book to help guide me in this!
Today was a good and full day!  

I had tea today, a chai tea from Trader Joe's in powder form.
It's such a treat to have! And two chocolate treats.
I was very grateful. 

I found two recipes for cake to make for the Munchkin's birthday.
Layer cakes, lots of kids coming, DV. 

My Grandma got this cookbook from her Aunt Nell, who was her father's sister, 2 years older. 
She lived with Grandma's family for some years. 
They would have popcorn every Saturday night and Aunt Nell made treats for the kids,
 my Grandma being one of them. :) 
Well, that's a little bit about today!


Tracy said...

Such beautiful light (very much hope & pray your friend will be well!), beautiful reading, and beautiful reflections on cultivating a life in prayer. It is easy to be hard on one's self for not praying enough, not spenifnt enough timein out hearts & minds with the Lord. Often I feel I fall short too. Striving for unceasing praying--praying as often as I can throughout the day, is what I try to do. I have a morning prayer ritual with my first cup of tea, and it feels like the day can trumy begin then. Sometime because of life happening s we neeed to be flexibe with structured prayer time As long as we stop and have a conversation with God, as often as we can, I think that He is happy then. That we try, and keep trying, that offers us more and more moments to receive His gracious blesssings! :) Glad to catch up with you today, Elizabeth. Busy days here od late, so I'm behind "visiting" friends online. HAPPY WEEKEND!

karen said...

hope all is well with your friend in Ottawa!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

More books to add to my list! Prayers for your dear friend having surgery.