Monday, May 09, 2016

So Many Good Things

I love how pictures can show us all the beauty and goodness that is in 
our current daily lives.
I had some fun going through various cookbooks for ideas
on things to bake in the future and for brunch ideas.
I am planning a brunch and also thinking of fun things to have when DV
I have family over this summer.
We had gotten a Christmas gift of various meats and we had 2 of the
hamburgers on Friday on toasted English Muffins with white cheddar cheese +
Dutch Gouda cheese.  They were so tasty!
We enjoyed watching a few of the Walton's shows during Bright Week, having
Kulich and cheese Pascha.  
I read a lot of CS Lewis In the Time of War and am enjoying it.
I need to remember to read more of my CS Lewis collection, including various of his 
letters, which we have in print at home in our home library.
I have still not fully recovered from the cough/congestion but I was given 
the strength (and voice!) to teach Sunday School this past Sunday,
which was a real delight.
We were at our favourite diner twice recently and enjoyed various 
none-fasting foods! 
Sometimes I get a bit disappointed in not feeling my best 
(this Lent has set me back in terms of illness) but I am really trying to see
how many things I am able to do and that while I may not feel the best
some days, or parts of the day, I have been given the strength to do what 
I have most hoped to do - and to be patient as I seek to regain 
health and strength.
experienced.  It was a good reminder, esp. in the understanding that our 
identity, who we ARE, is not from what we are able to DO or have,
or the ideals we have.  Yes, I buy mainly organic food for our home,
but we eat out too.  I am still learning the 'art of balance' in terms of things
and being grateful in all things. 
It's often when I look back at the pictures I took, that I see
how wonderful things are over all and the beauty that is in my life.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Have I ever told you how much I love your fabulous photographs? ;-)

Mrs. Cote said...

Hi! I just found your blog and think it is very beautiful! I hope you feel better soon.
God bless you,
Mrs. Cote