Thursday, May 12, 2016

Reflections on the state of things while reading, having tea and meals

While, from reading this, I am not on the same page 
with her positions on things, I think this essay, for anyone 
who either is involved with higher ed - teaching, a student - or wants to 
understand a bit of what has happened to our world,
this essay, which is really not only about the importance of free speech
in University campuses, but about the importance of true scholarship. 
I wish that her cry for this would be answered and upheld.
With the awakening of Spring, I feel so many of my dreams for
writing and research are also opening....
At the same time, I can't seem to overcome the cough I have.
I have read various things and this one indicates that I
should not be worried at present. 
I am trying to follow up with my doctor, just in case....
I had tea with a friend, the meal was really good.
I did a similar meal for dinner, with pan-fried hamburgers and 
toasted English Muffins as a bun, with cheddar and Gouda cheese
melted on top. 
Today, Wednesday, was vegetarian.
Lots of ginger tea and reading 
of which the introduction by Walter Hooper was well 
worth reading.  A wonderful next book after reading
Only those who have read my blog for some years,
will remember the one undergraduate class I did after
I lost my job in a corporate library.
I need to find those notes and the essay that I am thinking so much about.
I remember it was about Puritans in Milton's time who were
in love with homilies of Alfred but who confused a central point/belief
he had of transubstantiation, the Catholic understanding of
the Lord's Supper being a real, repeated event, as in the Eucharist being
really the Lord's Body and Blood.
I hope to find this essay again, I know I photocopied it from a 
book from the stacks at Ottawa U.
Meanwhile, I am astounded by the amount of reading
CS Lewis did in his youth.
I did not know the Brontes, for one, had so many books.
Fascinating. That could take a study all by itself....
I also want to revisit this blog post by Fr. S. F. whose comments
reminded me that I want to research more on 
the same topic that the essay on the Puritans is really showing...
My question, for many many years, even in undergrad,
when I would read Virginia Woolfe and then realize how confused she
and her friends were, and I would wonder again,
how did we get here as a people, culture and world?
For me I am most interested in not only the history of nations,
but the history of thought, and particularly the change from a world 
that was understood sacramentally to one that not only
continues to try to empty itself of meaning and history,
but believes that all meaning is man-made. 
We shall see what I can do along these lines as time goes on...

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Tracy said...

So VERY glad you're feeling better, Elizabeth! And it's always such a pleasure to see your beautifully laid table and how much care you put into daily things. So much good to read and take in with this post! I must come back and revisit it more, and read more of those link--all very interesting! :)