Monday, May 02, 2016

Pascha at home, Bright Monday

I hope to write a longer blog post at some point.
We are back home, Cleo is doing well,
we had a nice Paschal meal of tea, Pascha breads, Cheese Paska, a Paschal egg for myself,
and cheese and crackers last night.
I have a cold and cough so today has been lots of tea, naps and quiet.
I am very thankful.


Lisa said...

A Happy Pascha to you! Hope you'll feel better soon.

Tracy said...

Such a beautiful Pascha table! Wishing well again soon, and a blessed Bright Week! :)

Martha said...

Christ is Risen! ♥ I hope you continue to feel better. I had kulich and cheese pascha for brekkie this morn.