Monday, May 11, 2015

{Crafting Fun} ~ Purl SoHo and the adventures I had

So, I made it to the
famed Purl SoHo
where I was surprised that the feel of it
was more trendy-hippie than trendy;
to be honest their website at times seemed
so professional-Martha-Stewart level
that one day I was talking to a local who knew the businesses and 
said, oh the store that one of the founders worked before
for Martha Stewart? And then I understood everything.
So, with more adjusting to my new NJ-near-NYC-environment,
I am finding myself much more well, myself.
And with that I was ready to finally make the treck for the first time
to the SoHo area of NYC.
When I finally was there on a warm May day that was July like in weather,
it was fun, easy and natural.
I think the first thing I noticed,
after acknowledging the beauty and simplicity of the store front when walking by....

Is the burst of colour....

From thread and skeinettes, 

to quilting yarn for hand quilting, 

So many cute knits and crafts made and inviting
pattern searches....

COLOUR is the first thing that comes to mind,
second all those craft projects, the cute-factor, the colours,

the warm throws, the knit swatches... 

These vintage coin purses (They sell a kit for them)
are super cute (though the fabric felt not as durable as I would need

The adorable toys, 

the wall displays and the YARN, Oh the COLOURS of YARN.

A lot of beautiful soft dream yarns.
Oh yes, a knitter's treasure trove for sure...

I think I am in love with this turtle, what a perfect
young tot toy!

The ribbons, the quilting supplies, 

The many sections of felt (bottom of picture above)

The multitude of fabrics...

I got a lovely set of fat quarters for a future
quilt for my godson;
between the charm packs I already have and these,
I should have enough for a quilt top and would only need to get
a bottom layer of fabric, the batting I think I have enough of already....
So it was fun and in general I felt it was very relaxed and very friendly,
without doubt.
So. Lovely Store. So fun.
I instagrammed while I was there and the community I have
there and I were having fun and I wished that ALL of them
were with me at Purl SoHo!
They will be quite friendly and helpful; 
one of the ladies there helped me find the exact amount of fabric 
in a pile of Rowan fat quarters and did not seem to think
anything of the fact that what she showed me
was half the price of a taller pile of Rowan Fat Quarters with
more colours.
They clearly have a calm relaxed atmosphere,
their staff is helpful and at good terms with each other,
and were kind.
So if you were to go to the iconic Purl Soho,
go, enjoy the colour immensity.....

They have beautiful things there!


Rosemary said...

Oh my goodness, what a visual treat this post was! Color indeed!

And I love the little turtle. :) So sweet!

E Helena E said...

I do like that sheep! Glad you are more at ease with these NYC treks. The store looks lovely. Love to you.

MamaBirdEmma said...

I went to Purl Soho last year and loved it! I'm so glad that you were able to visit!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What a crafter's heaven!

willfulmina said...

One day I hope to go, but in the meantime your virtual tour was so inspiring!