Tuesday, May 05, 2015

{Fr. Roman Braga} ~ the creation of each person is unique and irreplaceable

..."There is nostalgia in our soul for God; we are looking for God. 
Because we lost Paradise, there is nostalgia for Paradise. 
God is like the magnet that attracts us.
 God reflects himself in the heart of each individual in a specific way, 
and we have to embrace that specific way. 
We are not robots of the state created to move to the right or to the left on demand. 
God is the prototype, and we are the icon, the image. 
The image wants to reach the prototype. 
This growing in God and in knowledge of God will be infinite.

Someone may say, "I'm an atheist, and I'm still searching."
 What is he looking for? For the truth? What is the truth? 
Nobody knows all truth. But Someone said, "I am the Truth"! 
And Christ reflects himself in the hearts of each individual in a specific way—that is the whole beauty we find in this world, and no power on earth will destroy it."


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