Friday, May 01, 2015

{Bright Week} ~ Bright Tuesday Night Pascha Basket Meal

I had set up the house before I left for liturgy
a week before, Holy Tuesday which was also the
Feast of Annunication for us.

I had made the table smaller to showcase the beautiful lace
tablecloth that was in Mr. Husband's treasured linens. 

I found my three candle stand and made our Pascha table...

Mr. Husband was so patient; 
I had such a strong desire to make beauty as
we had just the day before buried his godson
on Bright Monday, 
a beautiful day of warmth and sunshine,
comforting us in the midst of the tragedy....

Someday I will be able to put the frosting on our
Pascha Kulich;
this year I was not able to.

Cheese Pascha.

 My Grandma's dishes...

Pascha Cards.

These were so good!!

Beauty is so soothing...

It was a wonderful first meal of Pascha
for Mr. Husband and I...


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...


T.J. said...

so full of light and care! Beautiful :) I am saddened to hear of your Husband's Godson's passing. May he rest in the glory of God.

Broken Gooding said...

So exquisite. If you have recipes to share like the ones you shared with Paila, please direct me to them. Ty.

elizabeth said...

Broken Gooding ~ if you mean the ones that I shared with Paula, please see the 'recipes' tab at the top of my blog! God bless you!