Sunday, May 10, 2015

{Fr. Roman Braga} ~ On Prayer

08/12/06 Topic: An Effective Prayer Life 
Guests: Fr. Roman Braga

Fr. Roman Braga returns to our program with a conversation on the importance of effective prayer. You will be surprised to learn that prayer is not necessarily formulated but rather spontaneous. Fr. Braga brings insight through his own life experience with the power of prayer. Above all prayer is a way to re-establish a connection with God. Be sure to tune in to a spiritually uplifting program.
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(now if only we could get the audio for the talk!
if anyone knows how, let me know!)
Fr. Roman Braga speaks more on prayer in his book
and the fact that prayer can be spontaneous should not be overlooked. 

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GretchenJoanna said...

Our priest spoke about Fr. Braga last night at Vespers, as one who exemplified "worshiping in spirit and in truth." Thank you for this resource!