Monday, May 04, 2015

A Sunny Spring Warm Monday

So I had the strangest experience this morning; 
it was really frustrating.
Basically we had our car towed for not starting
and the tow truck dude was a bit rude/presumptuous/lacking in manners
but it has left me bewildered and wondering what happened.
I wish in the end that my husband had been home
as I was totally lost with it and very upset... 
well it's over now I guess...
Our car will be better soon and it was nothing serious.
I had the most wonderful Sunday.
A long time email penpal blog friend from
Australia who I have been writing
emails to for years now
came with her sister to visit NYC and other cities
in the States. 
So I put on a dinner party,
one I had been planning for months...
I will do separate posts on the dinner party itself... D.V.

I made a strawberry lemon cake....

It turned out well ... I want to keep experimenting though,
as I am looking for a more moist fluffy cake,
this one was more flat/dense though still tasty... 

I washed all the dishes, save the forgotten tea pots,
last night after the dinner, so that Monday started with
everything getting in better order... 

Later today, Monday, I switched out all my red
lampada oil lamps for my clear glass ones... 

I enjoyed leftovers for lunch...
It was a busy day, today was also doing laundry,
getting some things cleaned and ready for the week,
putting things away in the pantry...
Soon Mr. Husband will be home.
I hope we both sleep well tonight
as both our Mondays were a bit 
and tomorrow we both go into NYC,
me for an eye appt, him to work, 
and I will lunch with a friend and I hope, 
oh I hope!
go to Purl Soho at long last.


Nicole said...

That's a full weekend! Glad there's nothing serious with your car. How exciting you got to see your pen pal!!!

T.J. said...

I feel most inept around car "folk". I have no idea if what they are telling me is true, or a bit of a stretch since I am horrid at car anatomy!! I just caught up on all the bittersweet beauty on your blog, Elizabeth. I can almost feel the holy presence among the careful preparations and prayer. Sending you peace tonight. xoxo

Paula said...

Sorry to hear about that! I was lucky the other day that Colin was home. Had a guy come to give an estimate for some new doors. He was so drunk! Colin basically threw him out the door!! I couldn't believe a salesman would turn up in such a condition. We were sorry we didn't have his license plate to call the police.

Isn't it so much better when our husbands are home. Colin is just home from our first day of cropping. I miss him so much when he's gone that much.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Oh dear :-(

I am so happy the day improved and look forward to the dinner party posts!

Lisa said...

Oh, this warm weather is so wonderful!