Thursday, May 21, 2015

Strawberry Lemon Cake ~ Take 2 ~ with added lemon curd

I made this cake for the second time,
this time making it a layer cake.

A different yogurt,
not as thick I think, as the one I used before,
the Liberte brand that I 
can't find so far here
(though I did see it in Atlanta GA few years back!)...

It frothed after adding the baking soda...
I've tried and tried to think of where
I got this cake from;
I don't think I invented it myself but at the same time,
I remember thinking that the Liberte yogurt would be prefect for it,
and well.... where this recipe is from, I am unsure to be quite honest, 
I can say though that I made enough changes this time around,
that I am not afraid to call the recipe 'mine' either....

Once the strawberries (I used frozen ones this time around,
as I could not find fresh organic ones) were in,
the batter was fairly substantial... 

Before I continue my critique of 
this cake take two,
may I hasten to add that it was good
and my guests assured me that it was very good.
I am a bit of a culinary perfectionist but also
culinary cake searcher... 
The two cakes did not rise as much
as I thought they would and I wonder if the
baking soda in yogurt frothing-too-soon (?) was 
part of the reason... I could see myself
making up the 'add soda to yogurt' by myself back then
and I am going to experiment with this,
as I am looking for the
perfect strawberry lemon cake
and remember that the first time I made it,
it was really good.... 
I am thinking next time of adding the yogurt and soda differently,
and searching out recipes to see how others do yogurt cakes.
I am thinking next time of the frosting,
keeping the butter but making most or all of the milk
extra lemon juice as it was not as 'sweet-lemon zing' as the
original frosting... 

I added lemon curd to the middle.
Next time I will be a LOT more generous with the 
lemon curd, as my lemon and raspberry cake
that I made later,
with a LOT of lemon curd from the above bottle,
left over form this cake, was really quite good.
I would now say put about 1 cup of lemon curd here...

I did add a lot of lemon zest which was great... and 
it was so fun to put together!

The frosting was in a more liquid form and 
poured out beautifully over the cake... 

It was clearly waiting for strawberries to grace the 
top and sides of the cake!

Was really fun decorating it!

It was a beautiful finish to the meal
I had with my dear Australian friends, 
S&R and such a special meal and time spent!

I WILL (God willing of course) be making
this cake again!
and trying the yogurt-soda mix differently,
perhaps making double the batter for thicker cakes,
using more lemon curd and a thicker frosting...
or, for a change, a whipped cream on top
with fresh strawberries would also work well here... 

That's the fun of baking!
And it was a beautiful cake and the leftovers 
I must say held well and the flavours
deepened and it was a really lovely cake...


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Gorgeous - and making my mouth water!

karen said...

can I come over? Looks lovely and delicious!!

Nicole said...

Wow, that looks delicious! So incredibly yummy! I'm very jealous :)

Matushka Anna said...

I LOVE lemon curd! And strawberries! And cake! LOL ;)