Friday, May 15, 2015

About today...

Cleo was found with my knitting bags :)

I cut the remaining fabrics...
these were harder to cut as they could not be layered with 4 deep 10x10 
as they were on clearance and thus not cut as fat quarters
 so they were not 10 inches wide. .... 
so cut 5"strips and then individually cut each 5x5 square... 
so this was 24 squares total ... 

I went back to some of my fave fabrics and cut more squares and 
now, with the charm pack additions, I have 165 squares!

The top paisley one is one I esp. love :)

At this point I have all my fabric and sewing supplies
in three snapware boxes...
my two cutting boards and my omnigrids...
the lint brush (I already had this, it's vintage, 
a find of my Mother's who knew I wanted one like this)
is perfect for cleaning up all the fabric scraps after cutting! 
Now I have to organize the squares in the way I want for the top,
keep them that way in piles (I think I will use the safety pins
that I got that quilters use and label each pile)...
As you can tell, I am excited!
Well, tell me, what excited you today?
Any moments of joy?
I hope so!
Christ is Risen!
He, of course, is our first and all encompassing source of beauty... 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

He is Risen indeed!

Trust Cleo to find all the interesting things :-)
The squares are so pretty even just heaped up - the finished quilt will be gorgeous.
Bramble is giving us much joy and occupying many hours of the day just playing with her.

Nicole said...

Cleo is too cute! What an adorable cat! I can't wait to see how your next quilting project turns out. Your fabric is very pretty! :)