Tuesday, May 05, 2015

At Purl SoHo ~ a fun Yarn Along :)

My blanket has little progress
as I did not go to my far away church
which meant my 2 + hours of knitting did not happen...
Last week was super busy with things,
including dinner party prep and not a lot of knitting time... 

But some progress has been made...
see top of the section on the right of these pictures...

Cleo is clearly quite interested in this blanket :)
So today, Tuesday, I went for the first time to 
It was fun! 
I had brought my knitting to NYC 
and took a picture of Wanda's wonderful bag
with me for a photo shoot at Purl Soho :)

Inside the bag are three projects, which explains why it is so
bulky... I really need to get another one :)
It was super fun to be at Purl Soho and Instagram with friends
about being there :)

The store is really cute and has tons of craft ideas
for knitting and sewing!
I looked briefly at this sewing book:

Looks super fun!  As do the other books...
Other than reading a bit of this book,
I am slowly working on Willa Cather's Song of the Lark 
but other than this, just trying to keep up with my
Wednesday is St. George day (Julian Calendar) and I LOVE 
Saint George!!
So that's fun!
Speaking of fun, I got this set of fabric fat quarters for 
a future DV quilt for my godson...
I figured he needs one too :)

I am hoping to get some 'boyish' print fabric later on
to go with these solids...

But I think that this fabric will be a great start for
the quilt top!
Hopefully next week I will have a bit more time
for sewing and knitting!
Last week my creativity was all spent in 
making a great dinner last Sunday
but I am looking forward to more quiet crafting soon!
So what are you reading and creating?
Yarn Along with us!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What fun!
I love the top fabric colour so much!

karen said...

so so so jealous you made it to purl soho. Next time I'll be there!! Lovely knitting and it seems you did quite well with your shopping trip :)

October Rose said...

Oooh what lovely fabric! I didn't know that Rowan made fabric too. :) What a fun trip!

Heather LeFebvre said...

So glad you got to Purl Soho!!!! That was one of my stops on my first NYC visit. Such a lovely place!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love Purl Soho, well the website, never been to the store, but never been to New York either!

Gill in Canada