Thursday, May 07, 2015

Pictures, traveling and phones

So I am kind of loving Instagram.
I feel like I can share bits of my day with friends and 
it just seems to be the perfect way for me;
reminds me of the now defunct blog habit
in how my friends can share a picture and a few words
and capture it all... 
{The above picture is my favorite peanut butter that is 
made locally in Grand Rapids MI, very near to where
I grew up but is found all the way out in New Jersey...
I buy this only for more special occasions as it is
a bit more costly than other natural peanut butters
but really delicious and made with Virginia Peanuts!)

Cleo is always the fun of our days,
the constant two year old in actions and at times
in cuteness factor....

I used to collect Holly Hobbie and on a walk a while ago
I saw these H.H. mugs randomly on a metal stairway
by one of the many brick buildings where various people call home.... 
Everything is coming 'alive' again as Spring is really here;
the flowers are out; people are biking, taking their kids for walks or
babies in big strollers made for runners...
I am dreaming of how soon the local pool will be open for the summer again
and those early quiet mornings with swimming...


October Rose said...

I am loving Instagram too!! So much fun. :)

Heather LeFebvre said...

I will find you on Instagram! I enjoy all the pictures on there. :) I do find it hard to get enough time to go through my blog feed but instagram is pretty portable! :)