Monday, May 25, 2015

A Long Awaited Dinner Party

I have a long term blog friend, S., who lives
in Australia;
she and I have been emailing since about 2009, she's been
reading my blog I think since about 2008,
so a long time (she does not blog herself but emails
lovely encouraging emails and I treasure our correspondence!)
I sent her our Christmas card and letter this past year
and by January she was emailing me
to say that she and her sister R. were coming my way in May.

I was so excited!!!

So I said of course we must do a dinner party
and began planning...
Appetizers before the meal
were pink-salted cashews and chocolate covered cherries
paired with yogurt cover cherries... 
Here's the menu we had:
First course ~ mushroom soup:

See here for the recipe!

Second Course:
Roast Chicken, Potato, Onion & Goat Cheese Casserole
Roasted Beets, Salad, Fresh Cut Vegetables.
In the far corner, you can see bright orange cut carrots
and a deep maroon , which are raw cut beets.
Mr. Husband loves his vegetables raw....

I roasted a chicken, 
having prepared it the day before,
and trussed it before roasting.
It's a wonderful dinner hosting secret to prepare
the chicken the day before, add more butter if needed
right before roasting and then enjoying the wonderful
scents of herb roasting chicken while
doing the rest of the dinner baking... 
Recipe here.

The lovely bottle of red wine was a gift 
from S and R who came to dinner!
The dishes used were my 
four white China plates, Johnson Brothers from England
with gold rims that I call my Theophany dishes.
Also used were the gold rimmed bowls I got during that time
and the two pretty bowls that Mr. Husband had found
some years before I knew him.
They set such a pretty table...

I roasted beets the way I have for years,
and I had found a clear balsamic vinegar to use again for them,
like years ago ~ see here for the recipe. 

It made such a pretty table!
Of course I used the silver plated cutlery 
when we were first married.... 

A salad with shaved carrots and red peppers...

The thick pillar candle I got in Ottawa for
I wanted everything to be beautiful for it and I thank God
we were able to have it!

The Potato, Onion & Cheese casserole,
it's so creamy and warm and with the
fried onions with thyme,
a real winner!
Recipe here

It was a very satisfying meal.
And even better was all the wonderful dinner conversation...
We talked about so much,
the changes in churches and culture,
concerns about some of these changes,... 
...we talked of how many of these changes lead both my friend
Mr. Husband and myself to Orthodoxy, 
which is a Church Home that continues to feed us... 
We talked about books, Persian culture, traveling to see
culture and cultures, Elizabeth Goudge, Lewis and Tolkien,
Dickens, to mystery novelists including PD James,
the Brother Cadfael books, Amanda Cross and the riots of 1968,
of beauty, solitude, of history...
It was most delightful;
what I would call a real meeting of the minds
and of ones that find themselves more closely aligned on so many levels
that had never even been touched on before...
And for me I felt at home in a different way form them as well,
as they are from a Commonwealth Country like I lived in before
moving here, for me Canada, for them Australia...
Before we had dessert, as in the third course of the evening,
we broke for a tour of our condo that I still think of 
in part more as an apartment, like apartments should be...
We had a great time looking at icons first and last
enjoying our library and discussing various books there in...
And then we went on to dessert...

I made the strawberry lemon cake
for the second time!

It turned out well, recipe here.
It was really fun to decorate! 

We also had our choice of gelatos....
and lastly, 
 the leftover strawberries with cream,
to top off the end to a lovely evening and 
dinner party.
It was a dinner party and visit that I would of loved to have
again and again!


Lisa said...

A wonderful visit, and conversation!

Anna said...

It sounds like a wonderful evening - as always your table looks so festive and welcoming. It's good to be able to meet face to face when minds have already met in this funny online world of pitfalls and opportunities. Let me know when you and Mr Husband make plans for visiting England!

E Helena E said...

How lovely!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Enormous fun by the sound of it, and by the lovely photos!

karen said...

you set such a lovely table and the food all looks and sounds delicious. I bet this was an evening you will never forget :)

Nicole said...

So so so amazing!!! I am bubbling over in happiness for you! The meeting of true minds, with deep friendship, is one of the most precious gifts on earth. :)