Thursday, May 14, 2015

About today, Cleo, beauty and further sewing/quilting adventures of Elizabeth

It's done!
My first sewing project is done...
a patchwork green and white pillow :)
I am giving it DV to my church munchkin for his birthday...
I did the pattern and all the sewing myself!
I am quite pleased as I have only been sewing about 3 weeks.... 

Cleo looking cute, but never trust a cute cat,
she was after Mr. Husband's jacket for one reason or another!

I had a nice lunch today...
organic chicken strips, rice and salad...
while reading more of Song of the Lark...

It's begun!
The quilt for my darling goddaughter!
I cut out squares, 5x5, starting with a 
10x10 piece...

Like above,
then cutting it 5x10 
and then cutting two 5x5 squares out;
I did 4 layers deep so it equals 16 squares cut with 
only a few cuts!
My Quilting Friend told me this trick
before she left for May-July adventures with her
husband who is a scholar... 

Picture on the left shows how 4 cut squares of a 10x10 equal four squares in each...
all in all I did 22 fabrics (mainly fat quarter size) cut into 4 squares for 16 squares per 4,
thus with a total of 88 squares...

I also have two charm packs,
a charm pack is a bunch of precut squares,
the ones I got are 5x5, so perfect for this quilt...
 the colours above (the squares that are not 'stacked' 
in a line but are in 'front') are from the charm packs...
With the 6 fabrics I have yet to cut and the charm packs,
I will have a total of 158 squares... and I only need 165 squares total for the
quilt top, so I am nearly there! 
Am really pleased!
I cut the 22 fabrics for 88 squares this afternoon...
the omnigrid (see picture two of the quilt pictures,
with the plastic grid on top of the dark fabric)
helps cutting go quickly; 
I never knew that I could use that and rotary cutter
to quilt!
I actually can't cut very strait with a scissors, 
truth be told, 
but with the tools mentioned, I can cut quite strait,
so am really pleased! 
My parents are coming DV in a week for a week's stay
so I may not get a lot more work on this
(am hosting a tea and other things next week 
before they come)
but I am excited about my progress so far!

On other news, saw this cool vintage dress today!
And finally had a local ice cream cone 
with Mr. Husband!
I am very thankful!


October Rose said...

Wow, look at all those little squares! :) So excited to see how the quilt progresses, the pillow turned out beautifully.

Lisa said...

"Never trust a cute cat"! You are cynical about cats, no???
Your lunch looks delicious, and the pillow is very nice.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

It's super being able to watch the creation of a quilt - thank you!

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone!!

Lisa, it's from much experience that when I hear Cleo do something unusual that it pays to pay attention!!! (for instance she loves to chew on anything plastic!)

Paula said...

Looks good!