Monday, May 18, 2015

Fr. Roman Braga

to this letter,
which my husband later emailed to me...
This part of the letter struck me
as I also remember Fr. Roman reading this Akathist
in the middle of church, in the lovely chapel
at Holy Dormition Monastery...
Here are the words from James M. Kushiner on
 Fr. Roman praying this Akathist...
from the Touchstone newsletter:..
"I could sense from the way Fr. Roman prayed and chanted the "Akathist Hymn to Jesus Christ" on Sundays before Divine Liturgy that I was witnessing a loving communion between the Lord and his servant. One stanza is an icon of his faith:

Jesus, true God.
Jesus, Son of David.
Jesus, glorious King.
Jesus, innocent Lamb.
Jesus, Shepherd most marvellous.
Jesus, Protector of mine infancy.
Jesus, Guide of my youth.
Jesus, Boast of mine old age.
Jesus, my Hope at death.
Jesus, my Life after death.
Jesus, my Comfort at Your judgment.
Jesus, my Desire, let me not then be ashamed.

He also praised Jesus Christ, "Redeemer of those below" and "Vanquisher of the nethermost powers." Fr. Roman was singing a song to his Paschal Liberator. I will always think of him with a captivating twinkle in his eye, revealing an inner joy forged in the crucible of prison. He was, with St. Paul, a "prisoner of the Lord" and true servant.

Father Roman, I trust, beholds the face of his Beloved Savior in the mansions of the righteous. Christ is risen! Memory eternal!"

~James M. Kushiner
Executive Director, The Fellowship of St. James
found on Gretchen Joanna's blog and my husband's email forward
from Touchstone

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