Thursday, May 02, 2019

NYC & Me

As I wrote elsewhere: 
NYC & me: an eye report :). The test was about 30 minutes. They put these over-sized lenses (like contact lenses but thicker and bigger) on my eyes and they had wires attached to them. I had a mask over my eyes and sat (with eyes closed as instructed) for 15 minutes in a dark room so that when they came back (and only had a dim red light on) they could test what my retina was doing for night vision. And then they did day vision tests after. The last test was wild, it was to check how my eye sees light and had fast coming patterns with little squares like a swirling checker board (but much smaller) in black and white coming so fast that it was disorienting. I had to do that part a second time as I forgot not to move my eyes, it was so surprising. They had tried to tell me but how can one prepare for that?! I held my eyes still the second time. My retina specialist will get all results when I have all the tests done. So I have no idea about the results at this time. The time spent there was about 2 hours, with eyes dilated and waiting time before and after. But it was a really nice place, clean, very nice architecture (Asian feeling to me, quite lovely) and very nice staff. So that was great. And I went by a Trader Joes and Whole Foods and came back with 1 bottle of rose kombucha, LOVELY rose oil lotion (new at Trader Joes) and a new tea also from Trader Joes. Because who does not need more tea? Well, probably not me but I got it anyway. It was warm and sunny today and I got a lot of walking in. So overall, it was a good day. However, my vision is worse tonight but I think the surface of my eye (one of my problems is a cornea one) was impacted by the lens things they used to test my vision and I know enough about this to know that it will get better again, so I am not worried.

I bought silver-backed faux pearl earrings; I had some that I liked
but I misplaced them; I bought these ones as the silver-backs I am hoping
will be less reactive (green turning) but we will see! 
Tonight we ate leftovers, watched the Walton's and before that I made a 
cookie box into a tea box :) 
Tomorrow we are going to the VNA rummage sale!
So exciting, one never knows what one will find! 
It's been a really nice Bright Week,
I feel like God is really helping me take one step at a time
in all things.
Praying for so many; so many suffering.
May God have mercy on us!


Tracy said...

Wow... what a day you had, Elizabeth! How do your eyes feel after those thick lenses being in? Hope now the testing is over you can relax a little while you wait of the results. Praying all goes well for you--PRAYERS!! So nice you had a little out & about after your appointment, it cheers such things up, doesn't it? How lovely the rose-laced things--yum! And how sweet is that little blue kitty...looks like a zippered pouch?! I have pink kitty sofie that is similar and I just love it. (I have to keep it away from Luna though, else she will steal it... haha! ;) Your breakfast out looks good. I sooo miss diners! The pearl earrings are lovely. Pearls are my favorite. You can't grow wrong with pearls for every day or occasions! :) Be taking good care there my friend...God Bless you! ((HUGS))

elizabeth said...

Thanks Tracy!!! The kitty is a zippered pouch from my quilting friend... the kitty is called Pusheen, from a comic and there is a lot of Pusheen merchandise out there! :) Yes, pearls are just the perfect thing aren't they!!! a big hug back!!!

Lisa Richards said...

The eye tests do sound bizarre! I have problems with regular contacts, though I wore them when I was younger. So, I can't imagine thicker ones! I hope you'll get some good news.

Oh, you changed the cookie box into a tea box! I thought the two looked similar, lol.

Earrings are another thing that I'm very sensitive to now, though I could wear them when I was younger. I recently bought some made of surgical steel and even those didn't like my ears. I may try again. I'd love to wear earrings again.

Enjoy the rummage sale! :)

Granny Marigold said...

You sure had a full day! I'm happy for you that those tests are done and hopefully they will be helpful in knowing where to go from here.
Nice also that you treated yourself to more tea and even nice earrings.
I hope you find lots of treasures at today's sale!!!

Elizabethd said...

You can't go wrong with pearls, and those are very pretty.
Your eye appointment certainly sounds very thorough and rather different too!

Gloriade said...

Good Morning Elizabeth, Goodness! What an interesting and intense eye appointment. Will be praying that the tests are conclusive and will give you a roadmap to follow towards treatment. Loved looking at the photos of your dinner party in your previous blog. As always your table looked lovely and such a wonderful time of rejoicing after the long Lenten fasting. Blessings to you!

Paula said...

I hope you get good news soon. I can't wait to see what you get at the sale. You always find the best things.