Thursday, May 23, 2019

Back from NYC... (and gifts discussed!)

Well, the 4th eye test is now done. 
Thank God it was not a painful eye test (as in nothing was touching my actual eye). 
It seems that my eyes were not able to do the rest fully correctly though. 
The doctor said that this was not as big a problem as is my severe myopia. 
So, hmmm. Lots of trusting God here. 
I am thankful for God's blessings in the midst of all of this. 

I got my cousin Wes' daughter Emma the gift that is pictured above.
I had chatted with her Mom online and confirmed that she enjoys crafts,
so I thought this was a good choice.
And, admittedly, one I would have wanted myself. 
(Of course I have all I need in terms of crafts supplies, including wonderful ones
I was sent 2 years ago when I was laid up with my broken foot!)

I received a lovely a package that I won from a Mother's Day giveaway,
 which as a godmother I appreciate very much! 
This was from my blog friend Gina as you will see in the last a picture! 
I am really excited to use the cupcake liners and picks as they will be super cute 
and I am dreaming of a great summer tea the summer!! 
This really brightened up my day and I'm really thankful that it came today!! 
Thanks again so much Gina!!! 
Thanking God that tomorrow I can be home!
I hope to do the following, DV:
1. have a brisk walk in the morning
2. bake a sweet yeast bread
3. bake chocolate chip cookies 
QUESTION: I am thinking of mailing 2 godkids in the US chocolate chip cookies
(to North West and TX) and my Husband is convinced that they will MELT and be ruined.
What do you think?  Please give me your opinion on this and thank you!
UPDATE:  I just found this information about Double Bubble Reflective Foil Insulation
for shipping chocolate and bought some on amazon!
If Godmother Elizabeth wants to find a way, she does! :)
So I will follow the instructions and mail yummy chocolate chip cookies.
And I should have plenty of this reflective bubble wrap for future presents!!! :)
Praying that each one of you senses that God is with you,
no matter how hard things are right now for you.
May the Lord have mercy on us and help us! 


Tracy said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Glad this latest eye test went OK, or as OK as it could go... It sounds like you're still playing the waiting game. It's hard to wait. But it's easy to LOVE God, so He will help you through. :) What sweet treat for your cousin's daughter... I'd want all those too! ;) And how LOVELY all those treats you own. How soothing that eye mask will be after all your eye tests lately. :) Oh, how delicious with home baked cookies being sent off to your Godchildren! Let us know how that special foil works out! God Bless you all ((HUGS))

shoreacres said...

All the advice I can offer is -- hurry and mail those cookies quickly! We're already hitting the 90s down here, and I never mail chocolate once we get into the upper 80s. I think they'll be fine, but it won't be long until a lot of companies stop shipping chocolate TO this area, even with really expensive packaging. Of course, cookies are different from truffles, and such -- a little meltiness will just make them seem like they just came out of the oven!

Elizabethd said...

I saw that you had won Gina's giveaway, and was so pleased for you!

Granny Marigold said...

Who wouldn't enjoy receiving some lovely craft supplies!!
I hope your reflective packing keeps the chocolate chip cookies from melting. Surely that is what it is meant for??

Lisa Richards said...

My mom once mailed me some baked goods and they were moldy by the time I got them. LOL. But cookies keep a long time and hopefully that bubble wrap will do the trick! Lots of baking and gifting going on around your place. God bless you and your eyes! :)

karen said...

praying that 'ok' is good enough and that you get a clean bill of eye health soon!!