Friday, May 17, 2019

A Deer's Cry (a beautiful prayer) + a little about today

I played this song over breakfast for my Sister-in-Law 
and I again remembered how beautiful it is...

We went to a chocolate store in the afternoon,
isn't that chocolate so pretty? 
Things are still busy with family,
I am thankful for this time!
This weekend is going to be packed with activities,
so it's most likely that I won't write again until early next week,
I pray you are all well, by which I mean seeking Christ
and in His care, no matter what struggles you find yourself in....


GretchenJoanna said...

Thanks for posting the video -- I'm listening to it right now :-)

I was trying for many months to learn that prayer song. I never mastered it, but now you make me want to start working on it again.

Christ is risen!

Lisa Richards said...

Wow, the chocolate is fabulous looking! Have a great time with family!

Lisa Richards said...

And I enjoyed the music video. The soloist has such a strong, clear voice. :)

Nancy said...

I hope you bought the dark chocolate salted caramel and thoroughly enjoyed every last bit of it. I did just thinking about it.

Lisa said...

Oh, that woman sings so beautifully. The chocolate butterflies! Did you buy any?