Monday, May 20, 2019

Back from visiting family!

The family visiting was wonderful!
We were in Atlanta Georgia area last week...
I hope to blog more about it... 
first, about the chocolates, like the ones above...
I did not buy any! My sister-in-law bought one for her
sister but it melted in the heat
(it was a few hours before she would see that sister
and it was a really hot day)...
I did buy some homemade fudge there and some cute
"carrots" ala Peter Rabbit chocolates (see picture below) for some of my nieces and nephews.
It was really fun visiting with them... 

This morning we had a special tea ... they set it up like you see above
and they all dressed up for it (I did too!)
and they had so much fun!
We talked all about tea, them visiting NYC and me one day,
about how it's ok to spill at a tea party (I spill all the time
when I pour tea or milk for tea + the youngest tea drinker there was only 6...)
and towards the end they thought it would be funny to pour the rest of the sugar
from the sugar bowl into the middle kid's cup and the 2 girls got the giggles
and the 6 year old boy more loud... it was really cute... somehow
Auntie Elizabeth had the sugar bowl for the rest of the time :) 
it was a really special time and we had such a good week together...
I hope to blog more about it later on... 
this week we have vespers tomorrow, liturgy Wednesday and seeing about that
foot MRI, Thursday is my final eye test in NYC... 
And for now, time for rest, for sleep.
May God have mercy on us all! 


Lisa Richards said...

You're a patient Aunt. :) Sounds like a great party with the kids!

GretchenJoanna said...

I wonder at what age English children graduated from eating in the nursery to taking tea with the adults? I've had many informal and more formal tea parties with various ages of children; they all are most interested in putting quantities of sugar cubes in their tea. :-)