Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A little bit about last week

One of the many things we did last week was 
visit the Georgia Aquarium with 4 of our nieces and nephews + Sister-in-law and 
my Husband's parents. 
It was a really fun full day.
One of the neat things was that our niece M. who is 8 years old, got to be the child
chosen to meet a Dolphin at the Dolphin show! She was, of course, thrilled and did a great job.
Of course, as proud Auntie, I took TONS of pictures of her answering questions
(name, age, where she is from)  and when she got to meet the Dolphin "Luna" and 
it was really wonderful.
Her older sister A. was very proud of her and all of us really enjoyed her "Fame" :)
It all came because she, her Mom and I were talking with a trainer 
about what she needed to do for her job and that M. LOVES animals
and then she was invited to meet a Dolphin! 
I took a lot of pictures last week, over one thousand pictures, which is rather excessive
but it was such a special time...
so I hope to share even more pictures from the Aquarium but only have time for a few today.
The coloured fish in the picture above, by the way, is a piranha! 
The one with the 'sword' look is called a 'gar' fish the lady by them told us.... 
The turtle was really neat to see and so so much else!

Today we went to liturgy for the Feast of Mid-Pentecost.
Two years ago on that feast, I fell and broke my foot.
Today I went to hear about the MRI about my foot because of the bruising.
The doctor said that the MRI showed no real problems.
So that is shelved for now. I am thinking of following up later.
I am growing in concern for some at our local church who are in poor health
and older.  I see how much struggle there is for them.
Tomorrow I have my last eye test. Whew. In NYC.
I am hoping to do some shopping as well... and print some pictures... 
I feel like I have so many things I want to do, 
I have a hard time focusing on what it is I should do...
Today though was a really nice day.
Had a much needed nap!
Dinner with tuna fish sandwich, salad and fruit.
It is nice to be home again but also try to keep up connections with family.
I pray that you are being upheld no matter what struggle you are facing right now.
May God have mercy on us all! 


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

How fun to spend that quality time with your family. Aquariums are such interesting places! It's truly amazing how many unique and colorful sea creatures there are. I have been to that aquarium but it was so very long ago all I remember now is that they had an albino alligator in one exhibit.

Enjoy your day in NYC! You must be very happy this is the last eye test. I look forward to your next post, as always.

Granny Marigold said...

The pictures taken at the aquarium are so interesting. It's been literally decades since I was last at one. I suppose we quit going once our children were grown.
As always I enjoyed the picture taken in you most beautiful church.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your thousand pictures!!