Monday, May 06, 2019

A lot of busy, a bit of rest

Today was one of the first days I was able to 
read blog posts of others quietly!
I was able to reorganize a lot of things and even put a bunch of recipes
into my new (1$) recipe box from the VNA rummage sale. 
Last week was beautiful but very tiring. 
So I can tell I need to do what I can to rest while still 
doing the things I need to do.
Tomorrow I will go to have the MRI in the later afternoon to check out 
my ankle bruising situation.
I was able to go on a 23 minute walk this morning, which was great; 
I have realized I have to do this to try to maintain my health and 
hopefully improve it a bit, as it really took a hit when I was on bed rest 2 summers ago
all summer... that was a difficult time!
Cleo was begging for food again! 
Did you see the cute stamps above? and scissors? VNA rummage sale finds. 
I am longing to have a quiet day where I can just
get out my stamps and doing some cards.
But that won't happen for a bit yet as we have the family visiting time
and a lot to do to get ready.
Thanks everyone for your comments about the VNA rummage sale finds!
I am so grateful to God for these things and that I can use them for hospitality.
I know very much that all I "own" is not really mine but only 
"mine in trust" as in it will be entrusted to someone else, God willing,
later and I am only taking care of these things for now.
My Grandma is in her later 80s and can't lift as much now.
Someday, if God allows me to live so long, I will need to give
away my nice red Dutch oven, it will be too heavy for me to lift, for example.
I will need to give away so much of what I have and someday leave everything...
I see it very much; our local parish has various people I am close to who are in
their 70s and 80s.  I see how they are slowing down; how things change;
how hard it is for them now; getting old really is a way to prepare for that final
leave-taking for the next world, the world 
we pray we will be with Christ in and loving Him forever!
I have been seeing the following "meme" on social media lately. 
Fr Seraphim Rose is a man who became a Monk in California and 
who used to intimidate me but now I see how approachable and practical he was.
I like very much these words that he said:

The above picture of him is on Easter, I am sure
and is so beautiful.
I feel like there is so much to that picture, so many layers.
A woman who knew him read a book that is not published yet, from what I know,
but that the main thing she saw was how much
this priest lead a life of sacrifice that Christ crucified was very much
in evidence in his life; that Fr Seraphim lead a life of sacrifice out of love for
Christ who loved so much that He died for us and so 
Monks and Nuns are esp. called at times to die for others by their 
life of service and self-denial.
When you realize this about Fr Seraphim his above words are even more loving,
he did not expect of us what we could not do (was beyond our strength) even
though he did much that was beyond us.
Anyway, a wonderful picture and a comfort to us in this time of
the 40 days of Easter before the Feast of Ascension. 


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I hope that you have a blessed rest this week. Those stamps are very sweet! What a wonderful quote you shared and one to think deeply on. I didn't realize people couldn't "follow" with their Blog IDs so I took that part out of the giveaway. All one needs do is comment on the mother question which you did and you are good to go! xo

Juliana said...

I like that quote. We have long had a close relationship with that monastery, and I am always surprised by how practical he was, given the high nature of some of his writing (although that too is quite practical and "in the weeds" so to speak). The photo was taken on Pascha a year or two before he died. We have a framed copy in our living room.

Elizabethd said...

Slowing down...yes, I am beginning to feel this now, sadly.

Gloriade said...

Good Morning Elizabeth, What a wonderful quote and full of wisdom. I may borrow that some time. Circumstances have forced me to slow down a little sooner than I had expected. Life is good though and God continues to bless in all the seasons of our life. I am glad you are getting some rest after all the busyness of the past few weeks and I hope you will have a truly wonderful time making new memories as your family comes to visit.

Lisa Richards said...

Cleo's got a nice little cave from which to watch your comings and goings. ;)
I haven't read that particular Madeleine L'Engle book, but it looks like a good one.
I love the Fr. Seraphim quote!
Enjoy your stamps, when you get a chance. I love carving stamps out of erasers, though I haven't done that in a while. I bought a lot of pretty washi tape yesterday from Walmart, and I look forward to playing with it. :)
God bless you and yours!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Sweetie Pie! Definitely rest for a while. You'll have more gumption for hospitality.