Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Christmas Preparations and a cake!

Cake I made while with Mr Husband's family,
for my birthday, Mr. Husband's name's day and a niece's birthday! 

A lot of wrapping and stamping was done in the quiet days of 
New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!

Christmas is this Thursday for us!!!

I baked cookies with butter, eggs,
 chocolate covered dried cherries + chocolate chips!

Recipe here (in cookbook picture, made with eggs, butter).

I also made sugar cookies,
which I still think of as butter cookies!

I baked two pans of apricot bars,
note to self: next time do one batch of the filling at a time,
as it overflowed your small food processor and 
clean up took a while!!! 
At some point I hope to put up the steps and recipe for this!

The cookbook I used for the apricot bars said they are quite sweet,
so cut them in small squares; I did and they are so delicate, soft and wonderful looking.
I wrapped them up, 6 to 8 pieces in two layers with wax paper, 
taped it shut and wrote that they are homemade apricot bars,
and put them in the Christmas tree cello bags that I have.
Next year I hope to make for Christmas the orange scented Christmas cookies.
I ran out of time and energy for them this year!

Earlier I had made turtle bars,
and lemon bars, and I made up two cute Christmas containers full!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

One word - Yum!

October Rose said...

These all look amazing!

And those orange scented cookies do sound delicious ... I guess any cookie recipe that begins with two sticks of butter would be hard pressed NOT to taste good. :D