Wednesday, January 20, 2016

12th day of Christmas and Theophany Morn'

The first blessing of the waters, 
after liturgy on the Fore-Feast of Theophany...
Nuns from a nearby Greek Monastery gave this Cross to our priest,
it is one esp. for Theophany... 
Our beloved Christ, He blesses these waters...
on the day we have Theophany, 
which means the day that God showed Himself...
Theo (God) 
phany (appearance/revelation, similar to Epiphany but specifically of the manifestation of God) ...

I still need to ask about the two people small in this icon under Christ.
I know that the large slabs in a Cross under Christ's feet have to do with
how later He will die and rise again, 
breaking the gates of hell forever. 
It always goes towards what Christ came do to,
Womb & Tomb,
going beyond both, 
saving us. 
The first liturgy a family with 5 kids, who I love, 
were there and they had so much fun.
They are well behaved and their laughter at being sprinkled after the 
blessing of water that was after the liturgy
was so joyful and so infectious... just beautiful. 

Vigil that night.
We had the honour of taking our munchkin out to eat before at a local
restaurant,.. home-style noodles, shrimp, and vegetarian sushi were 
all enjoyed greatly... 
and to vigil that day and it was lovely.
We heard of a snowman, made with 3 big marshmallows, whipped cream for glue,
oreos for the base, pretzel sticks for legs and arms and a surprising sharpy marker
used.  Surprising because the Munchkin ate it, with marker marks and all.
I treasure that story, that memory, as I do many....
The bread made for the vigil has sugar in it,
dipped in the wine used, it has to be about the best thing
I have ever eaten, I do love it.
And that was the 12th day of Christmas...
We stayed overnight in a nearby hotel, 
going to liturgy again on Theophany....

It is beautiful there, early in the morning for these vigils... 

Christ is Baptised!
In the Jordan! 


Becki said...

I enjoyed reading backwards through all of your 12 Days of Christmas posts. :^) The pictures are all so wonderful, and while I do not celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas, your posts have given some insight - and certainly inspiration for fellowship and sharing meals with friends.

Thank you for sharing!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Wonderful, joyous photos - thank you for sharing these!

Apseed I said...

I also wanted to go to the church on this special day, but life circumstances and extremely cold temperatures made it impossible.
I love your pictures! They bring a lot of joy and happiness!

karen said...

Gorgeous church and I love traditions and faith melded together.