Wednesday, January 13, 2016

On the 7th day of Christmas...

We enjoyed chicken and rice with a green salad for lunch! 
Used our new blue serving bowl! 

I finally had The Velvet Room again.
This was my favourite book in grade seven.
I would sit in the library and read it and reread it...
it is so good to have again.
Mr. Husband got another history book and 
we got an Anonymous 4 CD collection to enjoy together. 

Books, children's books mainly, many from 
my own childhood, came the day before in a box my Mom
mailed for us and to us!  
They are all set up now! 
You can see that my kids section is now over flowing with goodness! 

 We went on a special date to our favourite restaurant in our old town,
where we lived when we were first married. 

 Butter! Hot Rolls! Potato-Leek soup for me, salad for Mr. Husband!

 I had steak, my husband salmon, I warm apple strudel and Mr. Husband Key Lime Pie.

With St. Basil's help, I baked two St. Basil's breads, 
also called Vasilopita that night!
(After an epic grocery run for a once-year or so sale).
It was a beautiful and full day!

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matushka constantina said...

I'm loving all your Christmas posts!