Sunday, January 10, 2016

On the Forth day of Christmas...

It was raining to street flood warning levels and we stayed
unexpectedly local for church this past Sunday.
There were even road closures because of all the rain.
Thankfully we were able to go to the yearly 
church Christmas party afterwards, the rain had

It was beautiful....

We came home to an unexpected birthday present of this
beautiful French tea cup! 
I turned 39 in late was a lovely day!

Also this day included two beautiful Spanish serving bowls for Christmas!
I cannot wait to use them on our table for special meals!

Gift from my Mom for Mr Husband

Mr. Husband got a special book on museum quality toy soldiers, 
we sent some time sitting next to each other, looking at the pictures of this
truly beautiful book....
I love the 12 days of Christmas, it's a time that I slow down and take it all in.
The tree is lit and the house adorned for Christmas....
I wash the dishes by hand, everything is done with more deliberation and care.
It's a sweet sweet time and I am so grateful for it.

Some early editions of L'Engle novels that I especially love, 
and that Mr. Husband as well! 
I came down with a cold this day, 
so thankful to have chicken soup already made waiting in the freezer.
Lots of tea and honey,
rest and quiet are the way mid-12 days of Christmas is for me...


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am so glad you are having a peaceful and blessed 12 days!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday a little late! :) The Baptism of the Lord image is beautiful. And that gingerbread cookie looks really good!