Saturday, January 16, 2016

On the 10th day of Christmas

Mr. Husband thinks that this book,
pictured above, may be my most favourite gift this year.
I am finding that I can't pick one and that I am grateful
for the many books I have to grace our library. 
Mr. Husband got a book on St. Jerome that includes
one of his favourite irascible lines...
I think it takes a certain temperament and humour to appreciate it, 
but we sure did!
St. Jerome is a fascinating person;
Kathleen Norris' books introduced me to him,
the one that feminists love to hate but totally misunderstand...

 We celebrated a person in our local church joining the
Orthodox church 
and after this, I set up for our 9 person Christmas dinner,
to be had the next day. 

Having the island as a 'buffet' for the food and dessert plates and cups worked well.

I had a second St. Basil's bread baked and waiting to share.
I am realizing that our metal tray is great for having special breads on it.
This tray was given to us to have our wedding crowns on,
by our male wedding sponsor... 

The table was set and had place holders for names
the night before.
And that was the 10th day of Christmas this year!

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Pom Pom said...

You did a lot of lovely things to make your celebration so meaningful. I am waiting for my island to come. It is supposed to be here on Thursday, but I have already waited what seems like one hundred years, past Thanksgiving and Christmas when we really could have used it. Oh well. WHEN it comes, I shall use it like you use yours.