Saturday, January 09, 2016

On the third day of Christmas....

Star blue, Star bright.... a treasured light...

I am loving using our Christmas dishes again this year!

(from Mom, a family tradition)

Sums up what I love best, tea, soap and chocolate. :) 
And Trader Joes of course!

Love this new ornament!

We have a small card table (it's also my sewing table)
and I really hope Mr. Husband gets some time to play this game
this year! We both found the description to be hilarious!

One of my favourte Christmas stamps that I got this past year.

These are so good! 
Mr. Husband and I enjoyed one with our Saturday 3rd day of Christmas tea!
A quiet Saturday.
I had not slept well and so did not go to quilt guild meeting, again :(
But it had to be done, we needed a quiet day at home.
We were really blessed with many in our lives giving us gifts, including
gifts to stock our pantry for many tea times and coffee breaks, as it were!


Martha said...

How could I have missed the rooibus and honeybush tea? Do you like it? I will have to go to Trader Joe's a look for some...thank you for sharing!

elizabeth said...

I had not seen it before either, Martha. I had one bag so far. It's packaged nicely. It tastes like Rooibos tea. Pleasant and warm. :)