Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Beauty of Sewing Brightly Coloured Squares

Yesterday was the leave-taking of Theophany... while the Christmas period will last
in ways until Candlemas in February, and my Christmas tree is still up,
bright and beautiful,
We are beginning the shift.
The business of Christmas decorations-present-wrapping-baking is over. 
I am almost done with our Christmas cards.
I even wrote Thank You cards. 
Still need to address them.
The Christmas dishes are put away,
the Theophany ones, about to be back in the buffet...
And I finally have time to think about knitting and sewing.
And I had time to sit and sew knitted squares together,
beginning the blanket that began months ago, in sunny June.
I can already see that I will have more squares to knit,
but that is wonderful, as I hope to finish this blanket up in the next month or so....

 Reading lots.
Loving the first story in Goudge's The Lost Angel, so beautiful, so much hope....
Reading Wish You Were Here - good but heavy, well written for the genre.  But you know,
grief, it's heavy ~ esp. when it is also a journey towards, and a journey to continue holding on
to, faith in light of great personal loss.
Recently finished an Orthodox book by a Greek Taxi man who goes from being
indifferent to the Church to loving it - and monasteries. 
I learned a lot, really appreciated the stories...
A good read, but not one that I would recommend to everyone.
But then, I am not sure what book I would recommend to everyone,
expect The Bible Itself....
I am also reading a book on Elder now Saint Porphyrios
Re-Reading the First in the Mitford Series....
What are you reading and creating?
Yarn Along with us! 


karen said...

your squares are bright bold pretty and beautiful!! Never heard of your books but they sound to look them up.

steph said...

I always sew squares together as I get them made.....even when the blanket isn't even close to being the size you want, you still get a cozy lap blanket while you work....AND, you can fold it over the back of a chair---and it sort of LOOKS done!! :) Your colors are fabulous!

Amanda said...

The grief book is a very tempting read but I really struggle with fear of losing Julian since my mom was a widow at 29. I have a friend who wrote a book about her grief after losing her husband to cancer. It really helped me lose the panic, to see that life does go on through the misery of learning to be alone.

The trick for me, and you, is that my friend is an ethnically Jewish atheist, but as Christians, there is hope in our despair.

elizabeth said...

Amanda ~ I totally get that fear. How hard of your Mom (and perhaps you too?) being a widow at 29! ... I have not had this experience, but I have the fear of my husband dying too...I asked my Grandma about it one day, that is how did she cope when Grandpa died, her husband, when Mr Husband was on a trip and her answer was helpful...

we do really have a hope because of Christ!

Ranee @ Arabian Knits said...

I think I will pick up that book on grief. We have certainly had enough of it in our lives. Thank you for the recommendation.

I look forward to seeing what this batch of colorful squares becomes in your hands. :-)

Becki said...

I love the Mitford series books. I felt like I had a friend in Father Tim. The Elizabeth Goudge book, The Lost Angel, looks like a treasure.

October Rose said...

I read Wish You Were Here a few years ago. Wow. Such a good book, but very hard to read!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Tears of Repentance looks a wonderful book.