Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Some Special Christmas Moments

I wanted to write down some moments from this Christmas,
so I do not forget them as quickly and can be thankful for them.


~at our first (of two at home) Christmas dinner(s), we had the Christmas Crackers which the
Munchkin had never seen.
We pulled them apart, two people with one Cracker and whoever
was left with the Cracker itself, and not just the one loose end,
'won'... my favourite part though was when 
the Munchkin,
with his paper crown on his head,
said, to effect,
I am king of [country], no, I am the emperor of all of China, 
the king of the world! 
with all the joy of a 7 year old...

~I got to show him the CD of a copy of the record I listened to as a child,
which he loved...that first song with the flourishing beginning is enough
to excite any child

~his love of his special shirt and Mr. Husband's praise of me
for thinking of it, while he went out and bought it

~his reading of 'how does a dinosaur get well soon?' after
opening it, sitting next to me on the couch

~getting his fun big kids dictionary and saying that we 
are all nerds, because we love learning

~the Russian cookies we were given, just the ones
I used to eat at my Ukrainian family's kitchen table, along
with the gift of the sipping chocolate that Trader Joe's only sells 
around the Christmas time

~Remembering Mr Husband's house before we were married
(he had lots of toy soldiers on display!) 

~Mr. Husband being so relaxed and happy with our
NJ family


~The Happy Christmas Night (4th night) when we looked at the 
beautiful Toy Solider book and talking about history and how beautiful the 
miniatures are


~Spending time with church family and getting time to sit down and talk


~birthday and Christmas in succession...
I did not even blog that it was my birthday this year,
was just too busy, and that day
we were leaving from our vacation spot to go
to Mr Husband's parents house
and stopped at a fabric and quilt store which
was a lovely birthday diversion, with two bags purchased for my
birthday and some fabric!
... so later I got the sweetest 3 cloth napkins from my Mom.
a book, journal, a quilter's gift and a book of knitting reflections
and a lot of love (and a cute card from Cleo!) all in the mail
and beautifully wrapped
... and then another friend surprised me with a beautiful
tea cup in our Christmas gift for my birthday,
it was so kind of them.


This year Mr. Husband gave me 4 buffet sets of
Christmas Tree Spode
(I found them on etsy at a great price!!)
and 6 butter plates, also found on etsy for
a very good price.

It has been such a joy to use these pieces and every night
wash them by hand, to be put back on the table
the next morning.


Our 9 person Christmas party was enjoyed by all,
and the beef roast turned out just right,
and it was lovely.


The many moments of just sitting by Mr Husband,
sipping tea and enjoying a new Christmas treat....

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