Friday, January 22, 2016

Ready for the Snow!

Yesterday I went to NYC with Mr. Husband!
I had breakfast with him at work and then
spent the rest of the day doing errands,
including stocking up on groceries
(organic oranges, lemons, eggs... and bread... gotta love
Trader Joe's!)
and I got a new snow shovel...batteries and a
battery powered lantern...
I bought 1 organic butternut squash and today made
a curry butternut squash soup that is 
warm, delicious and vegan!
Recipe here.
I may add more curry spices next time, 
as Mr. Husband likes the taste of curry!
So, we have all the yarn, blankets, books, tea,
milk, eggs, bread that we will need
(though I think I should of gotten 2 loaves of bread,
but no worries, we have some in the freezer also)...
We won't know how much snow we will get,
potentially starting tonight, 
forecasted for 11 to 17 inches of snow!
We will see!
I am excited and hopeful for the best
and glad that we have all we need.
Pray for us all,
as storms always endanger lives and 
I can't imagine being homeless or unable
to get what is needed to prepare for a storm.
Lord have mercy!
Also, three people connected to my Ottawa parish are
sick to gravely sick, can you say a prayer for them?
May God bless and have mercy on us all,
and save us! 


Nancy said...

Hope all is ok for you so far! Stay safe and warm (and be careful when shovelling). At least after all those years in Ottawa you've got lots of experience in dealing with winter storms. Praying for the recovery of those who are ill in Ottawa.

elizabeth said...

Nancy, thank you, all fine here! thanks for prayers for those in Ottawa!

Cristina said...

Stay safe ! Praying for you and for your friends in Ottawa.
We had snow problems two weeks ago, kids didn's go to school etc.
Warm hugs to you!