Friday, January 08, 2016

Second Day of Christmas ~ a lovely Christmas dinner for four!

On the Second Day of Christmas...

Candle sticks from my Ottawa parish for my wedding, 
centre piece from my Aunt M for my family bridal shower in MI.
Christmas Tree Spode, (vintage, made in England, a Christmas gift
last year from Mr. Husband).
Tea Pot from my dear friend and roommate back at the turn of the century,
Goblets from local grocery store in Ottawa, very inexpensive.
Christmas Crackers from England, from Simply Crackers.
Napkins, Napkin rings from shopping over the Thanksgiving holiday
with my Mom to various GR thrift stores.
Silver-plated cutlery from rummage sale,
first year of Mr. Husband and I's marriage.
Salad Dressing Cruets and Water Pitcher are wedding gifts.
Trivet under Tea Pot also a thrift store find.
Table Cloth, new this year, was one that Mr. Husband bought years ago
in Haiti and gave to his Mother.
They are downsizing and she gave us this table cloth back on 
our December Christmas holiday.

Roast Chicken, carved by Mr. Husband,
Green Beans from Mr. Husband's Father's Garden, canned by both my
Father-in-Law and Mother-in-Law,
Mashed Potatoes and Cranberry Stuffing.
Hot Fruit Salad that my Mom makes every Christmas.
A Green Salad.
 Turtle bars with Trader Joe's French Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert.
Tea: Chocolaty Chai and Chamomile 

Nativity Set from my Mother years ago when I lived in Ottawa,
and could only have a small apartment sized Nativity.
Candle sticks a find at an antique store in Halifax.
Christmas table runner from a Dutch store in GR MI.
I am going to try to get the wrinkles out of that plastic,
did not have time today!
Christmas phone case ;) and Elizabeth Goudge's 
Book of Comfort, from which I read a lovely
small Christmas prayer.

Christ, the Un-containable God born in a manger on Christmas day!

It was beautiful.
The chicken I had one medium onion, some garlic and fresh
organic sage inside, with butter and slices of garlic under skin 
and butter under and over skin, with salt and pepper added at end.
I cooked it slowly, at 350F so that I could also cook the Hot Fruit Salad
and the mashed potatoes and stuffing, both of which we ordered 
from our grocery delivery service,
as we knew I would be tired after the two days of Christmas services...

Our Christmas Tree this year.

Presents Exchanged after the meal.
It was a dream come true,
this meal, as it was with my dear friend and her son,
our munchkin who at times
has sleep overs at our place and who we love dearly.
The munchkin got a toy car that winds up and moves,
in his Christmas Cracker,
he loved it.
Christ is Born! 
Glorify Him!


Tia said...

Everything is so beautiful! Christ is Born!

GretchenJoanna said...

I just love your tree - and what a perfect setting for it, in the triple-window corner. It seems it would be visible from outside and cheer people looking up.... or is it too high up to be seen?

Christ is born! Glorify Him!
And Happy New Year!

Martha said...


Paula said...

What a lovely Christmas! Merry Christmas!

E Helena E said...

You and Mr. Husband have created such a beautiful calming home. Christ is Born!

elizabeth said...

Gretchen Joanna, yes, the tree can be seen from the outside :)