Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bright Tuesday ~ a step forward

as planned over a week or so ago,
I was with a friend in Princeton,
where we went quilt fabric shopping
and sewing 'notions' shopping
(I am learning new words - notions are all the things
that you need for a sewing project,
like rulers, pins, etc.)
I am excited to learn to sew and to make
this quilt or one based on it at any rate!
We also had lunch at chili's, which I had not been to before
and a nice ice cream cone in Princeton proper.
I am finally home now,
I have been gone for 1 week as Mr. Husband were
at a hotel near to our far away church
for Holy Week and Pascha.
Our plans changed dramatically as
we are now grieving the loss of Mr. Husband's godson...
so I did not leave the area until today,
the day after the Bright Monday funeral.
Every loss is different but I feel
I've been through a few that have helped me
understand a little more about what
I need to grieve;
there are books I will read;
processing tools and other things.
I am praying that Mr. Husband and I will
grieve well and be able always to pray
for the newly departed godson.
So we are grieving but still singing
Christ is Risen!
We grieve always in the hope of the
Resurrection and Mercy of Christ.

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