Friday, April 24, 2015

First Sewing Lesson

My Quilting Friend brought this green fabric for me to 
practice on.

She set up my machine, made sure all the parts were there,
(we did not have tons of time, she understands what she is reading
and efficency counts for something!!!),
and got me going...

I had a cutting lesson on how to measure fabric to be cut...

This omnigrid is amazing!

Hello easy to measure!

And the huge cutting mat?
50% off at Joanne's last Tuesday.

So we washed all the fabrics I have and ironed some of them.
My QF (quilting friend) told me of these snapware
containers that are great to keep fabric in.

My friends, 
you are seeing all of the fabric for the quilt
for my goddaughter!
Actually, it's enough fabric for two quilts if I don't 
blotch the cutting/sewing!

I got the supplies we needed;
in a moment of mercy 
(considering all that was going on at the time)
I thought to email my friend to ask her to make
a list of all the sewing stuff (notions) I would need
to do this project.
She made a list on evernote, I downloaded evernote to my
smartphone, she emailed me the list and we were good to go!

Bonus was that most of the stuff I needed I got at least 
50% off at Joanne's.

So not only did I have my
how-to-use-a-rotary-cutter-and-measure lesson,
I got the 
how-to-wind-a-bobbin and how-to-thread-my-machine lessons!
Picture above is my first bobbin!
I got on QF's suggestion a bobbin box and I have decided
that the word 'bobbin box' is one that should be in the 
vocabulary of all hobbit-lovers as it just sounds like
it should be in a Hobbit's hole...
bobbin box....

And after two ties on smaller squares,
I did a strait line of sewing!
Now I just have to repeat this a lot of times... 
I am so excited to learn!


karen said...

I have a feeling you will be an expert in no time at all :) Lovely friends!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Well, my friend, you can do 100% more than me already :-)

Mimi said...

Enjoy your bobbin box, and quilting! <3

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Have fun, Elizabeth! Sewing is just one more skill to add to arsenal of talents with which to bless others! Praise the Lord for your helpful friend as well as for those terrific JoAnn's sales!

PS: Thanks for the sweet comment on my recent post about Christian persecution! I wasn't sure how it would be received... God is good even in trial, I well know, but here in the states, I think we simply have no idea.
xo Lisa

T.J. said...

I have yet to master the rotary cutter! What fun- quilting is so enjoyable, especially after one gets over the learning curve. You're on your way!!!!

GretchenJoanna said...

You will have fun being creative with a new outlet. God bless you!